Taking care of a baby is tough enough, without having to worry about what you’re feeding your infant. RaisedReal’s goal is to provide parents with an easy and convenient way to incorporate healthy, organic, finger-friendly food into their children’s diet. They came to us in order to transform the product photographs, brand assets and social media influencer footage they had into effective marketing collateral for paid social media campaigns.


We’ve produced numerous iterations of animated social banners in different sizes. We’ve made it our goal to stay on-brand and worked with the client to create compelling messaging that will truly highlight their value and differentiate them from conventional baby food companies. The process has involved leveraging existing assets and repurposing them in interesting ways designed to boost conversion and convey meaningful messaging.


Although our relationship with RaisedReal is still a new one, we’ve been able to produce video assets that are performing well and driving user engagement. We’re eager to help optimize existing campaigns, build new ones, incorporating social content in fun and engaging ways in order to produce tangible results and increase ROI.