Our challenge was to create dynamic interactive ad collateral for Google DoubleClick that would be simple, clean, on-brand and visually stunning, while also containing up to the minute interest and mortgage rate info. We needed to develop banners that would let users easily browse and interact with live data.


The marketing materials we built for Bank rate included a host of interactive data points and features , such as a slider component that allow users to manipulate amounts and see the results of their input in real time. These creatives differ from static or video creatives in that they require the use of javascript and html 5 technology to power user interactions.


Part of our challenge was to take existing feed data, translate it into a format that the Google Display network could absorb and parse that data into the interactive assets we built. This allowed us to display real time rates and information within the banners themselves. We combined this data with elegant design elements to create engaging, powerful and functional digital collateral.